Just to make sure that the work results are good and the staff is happy, you have to take a time-out from time to time. And no, we are not talking about summer holidays. Eventout vacation and private life are important, in the work environment the most important thing is teamwork. And sometimes, working for the same company, doesn’t mean that staff is having friendly relations with each other. What to do then? Having fun while doing teamwork sounds reasonable.

Summer, at Pärnu, is such a hardworking season for locals, that even though the whole Estonia is enjoying vacation, a local Pärnu’s resident, is enjoying work. And if we are talking about hotels, then there is so much work that most of the staff forgets to sleep. One of the biggest hotels in Pärnu’s county, had a company party at escape rooms. And even though they still had a lot of work to do, having fun had become unavoidable. Strangely, there were people at the party, who had seen some of their colleagues almost every day at work. But because of the work speed, they never managed to actually speak with each other. That’s why it felt reasonable to put “strangers” into one team.

So, players got some nice jewelry on their hands. In other words, they were handcuffed and locked into darkness. In a situation like that, it’s pretty hard to avoid communication with each other. After all, teamwork is what helps you to escape from us. Within the first minutes of the game, bosses tried to continue with their business titles and be the team leaders. But moving furniture is something that reminds that we are all humans and become frightened because of a floating chair is also human. We have to admit, that it’s fun to watch a game where a team member calms down her boss and reminds that the point of a flying chair is to scare people during the game. Pretty fast there was a total trust between bosses and team members.

But building trust between the staff was not the only result of the game. More than one player, who is not the loudest speaker at work, brought her true character on surface. And it happened in the best possible way. When a employee, who is quiet during the work day, suddenly takes the leader role during the game, and does it well, it gives confidence to bosses, that they do have a great team. And to confirm that, drinks and food was prepared for after game. That was the moment where staff was actually able to get to know each other.

But, like with all the fun activities, time flies fast. And that was also the case this time. When the event started with 20 colleagues, it ended with 20 friends in a good mood. Everybody had fun and most important, staff became even better team than before. Have you already planned your company’s event?