<span style=”font-weight: 400;”>CCCP Escape Rooms has gained many partnerships. Usually making a new partnership is just a pleasure of the game. If we find that it’s worth to us and our partner, we don’t think too long, we just do it. Firstly, we lock our new partner into our escape room. Clearly for showing our quality. Talking about our facility quality we have new team member Merilin. Merilin joined with us in September and her mission is to take care over our customers at the weekends. Merilin tells us little about how the beginning with us felt like: </span>

“I was curious about CCCP Escape Rooms before joining but unfortunately I hadn’t got a chance to escape yet. As I was searching a job, I thought why shouldn’t I ask if they are searching a new worker. I was little surprised when they immediately invited me to a job interview. While the job interview came out that I haven’t escaped from those rooms yet and that meant I had to do that. So the day after the interview I came to play and bring three friend with me as my team. The experience that I got was incredible. I understand now why people get addicted of visiting those kind of places.

Then I had to learn how to play this game as the head of the game. There were a lot to learn. First thing was getting to know how to die a hanging knot. No, I wasn’t tired of this work yet but sometimes we need to die some hanging knots for the players. I learnt by heart every room and its solutions. As a secret I could tell you that behind the scenes there’s a lot intriguing and the team really have had effort with those rooms.

Now I have got used to with the atmosphere over here and I really am satisfied with my work. It is really entertaining to see how the players are little scared in those bleak rooms and scream when they got frightening. This work is creative because every game is a little different and I’ll never know what the next situation will bring whit. The best part of game for me is to see the team finally coming out of the room with exultant and happy over the excelling themselves.

I am waiting you all to visit us. So what are you waiting for? Come and play a great game with me.