There is more than 5500 square kilometers of area. This place isn’t filled with best energy on the basis of its history and the people who have been there. We had no idea where to start like it is with every similar project. But luckily we have amazing team and we solved this situation really fast.

So we made a plan about which should be the biggest, the coolest and the most amazing Scandinavian escaping rooms complex. We had the plan and started with cleaning and building. Sounds easy? That was the last thing it really turned out to be.

One of the prison cages which actually looks really bleak, raised a lot of questions. Standing In front of the cage in the corridor everything seemed to be okay. But when we stepped onto doorsill we recognized that the breath started to steam at least one meter away from us. When we stepped one meter further the breath stopped steaming. It clearly had logical explanation but it’s really hard to think logically.

At the moment when it started to fade outside it was unbearable to be alone in one of the cages to set up the game. Every reflection felt like there was someone in the cage with you. And knowing which kind of persons had been in those cages wasn’t really causing a confidence.

We found out some of the prisoners names and researched them on the internet. We discovered that some of them had finished in Russia dead, raped with the champagne bottle by the militia. Some of the spend time with stabbing people after the release from prison. So, there have been prisoners who have left a bleak scar into these cages.

Anyway we faced the fears and did what we had to do. First test-game we played with 20 people. Although our team was paranoiac the players felt the game as the highlight of life.

While the test-game we discovered some points that we wanted to make better. We eliminated the bad topics and welcomed our first customers. One group with 25 members started stepping from the city centre to the Pärnu Prison. It was a birthday and the birthday child got a change to drag his locked friends to the destination. The prison gates were closing after them and the game could begin.

The guards welcomed visitors kindly but still ruthless. Quickly first players were closed into the cage and the three-hour entertainment passed as one minute. So here is your change to try it by yourself. You don’t want to miss this.