We are grateful to all the people, who have visited us and enjoyed our services. It seems, that we are
doing quite well so far, since we have nearly 300 maximum score feedbacks on our Facebook page.
According to TripAdvisor, Pärnu beach promenade is the only thing more popular than the prison
escape, so we constantly get questions about new rooms.
Since our activity engine is constantly running, we thought we can’t just stop at escape rooms. Prison
is such an interesting place, that it would be a sin to forbid people from visiting it. The first open
doors day was on Mother’s Day, and without much advertisement, over 400 people showed up.
Since there was an interest, we decided to organize something big and amazing between the prison
walls, thus – VangalFest was born.
To make the organizing process go smoothly, we started looking for partners to co-operate with.
There is a bar in Pärnu called A.P.T.E.K – a place with awesome and successful events, with amazing
people running them. The proposal to organize VanglaFest together was fast approved, and work
began immediately. A.P.T.E.K contacted different performers, stage technicians were setting up the
prison and we contacted the fire department, city council and other organizations.
The result of our work is just daily confirmation, that the festival is going to be awesome. There are
over 5500 square meters in the prison with 7 different buildings and all of this is going to be opened
for guests. In the yard, there is going to be the main stage and two of the buildings are going to have
indoor activities as well. Our escape area is also going to be used at the festival, so anyone who
hasn’t visited us yet for some reason – now has the chance to do so.