The 14 th of May was Mother’s Day – a day where we reminded our dear mothers, how sweet and
kind they are and how much they mean to us. In the light of this important day, we organized an
open doors day, which meant anyone could come and go when they wanted, to discover the mystery
behind the walls.
It was the first ever event in the history of this building, where people could roam freely between
these walls. So many people wanted to know what was going on that over 400 people visited us.
What was even more surprising was the fact that people had gathered from all over Estonia, not just
the local city – Pärnu.
The CCCP Escape Rooms complex in the prison was stocked with loads of costumes, so people could
dress themselves up as policemen, nurses and even prisoners. In order to make wearing the costume
more fun, we had invited some photographers, who captured pictures of the visitors. In addition to
that, people could explore the cells that we use for our escape rooms.

After exploring the cells, people who were interested, got to try a test-game. We built a demo escape
game in the yard, where people could try and see, what kind of puzzles would be waiting for them in
the real game. To our surprise, we discovered that elderly people enjoyed solving the puzzles just as
much as anyone else.
After taking the pictures and solving the puzzles, we moved on to the rest of the prison
territory, to get to know the entire area. All in all, there are 7 different buildings, every one
of them with a peculiar history. A former guard, who used to work in the prison, helps CCCP
Escape Rooms to organize tours. As he was telling interesting stories to his friends about the
prisons history, a considerable group of people gathered around to listen to the stories as
After the tour and interesting stories from the guard, people ended up at the same spot they
started at. To restore all the energy they had used, we offered them as much soup as they
could possibly eat. Kids, moms, dads and grandparents sat on prison property enjoying the
soup. If at the start of the day, kids were too afraid to enter the buildings, we now had to
work hard to get them out of there.
Pärnu prison has probably never had a day filled with so much joy and laughter. The feedback at least
was very positive and it seemed, that everyone enjoyed their day a lot. Soon, we plan to organize
similar events, so keep an eye on our Facebook fan page.