KGB cages are incredible places. We are surprising ourselves with how creative our team members can be. From those rooms you can find thrill, tension and lots of emotions. But thats not all. KGB cages are different escape rooms in many ways. If usually you have to pick the right escape room for getting a escaping experience then we are trying to be different.


A training found place at Taevaskoja which were sponsored by Erasmus+. The training ringleader was NEA MTÜ. People had arrived from Italy, Spain, Romania, Hungary and of course from Estonia. The purpose of the training was to instruct volunteers that improves the world. But improving the world is never easy. It can cause a lot of tension. How to get rid of it? Gotta have some fun! And there is nothing better than escape rooms for that.


Although CCCP Escape Room’s walls are very terrifying, we can´t transport them. But we can transport the puzzles what are hidden between the walls. We filled our car with safes, padlocks and furniture. We took all the enigmas with us and started driving to Taevaskoja.


After long trip we arrived to Taevaskoja 9.30 PM. We were greeted by very friendly people. But after all it was already late and we started to get ready with escape room. Recreation centre was located next to one horrible old house. Perfect place for escape room. Four and a half hour of heavy work till the time was 2 AM and we made our last to-do list about things that we need to get done. We started the next day at 8 AM and had a breakfast with coffee. Then heavy working could continue. Only within six hours we had made a pop-up escape room.


We made an exception and let the team members number to be six. Fun part of that  was that almost no one had heard anything about escape rooms before. Scary house had changed a lot including gloomy lights, frightening sounds and exciting mysteries.


The average escaping time were 45-55 minutes. There were 38 people that had exciting escaping experiences. Were they satisfied with the game? After we had packed up our things we asked it from themselves. The answers were more positive than usually. Why? Because most people know what to expect from escape rooms. But these players had no experiences and had much more fun. You have a up coming event and you don´t have enough activities? Give us a signal because we really want to make your event exciting.

NB! You can keep an eye on NEA MTÜ doings on their facebook (link)