It is always fun to help young, busy people. This year, CCCP Escape Rooms have helped more than 40
different non-profit organizations. At one point, we just had to cross off supporting from our list,
since we received an average of 2-3 sponsorship applications a day.
Luckily, support isn’t always a one-way street. Sindi youth council has received our support five times
already. And the result? The members of the youth council found an armored car and looked for
parts for five weeks so they could start it. The armored car was huge, noisy and everything else an
armored car should be.
Since we supported the youth, they gave us a chance to make a promotional clip using the armored
car. We dressed up in the traditional Soviet uniforms and headed to Sindi. On arrival, we took out our
enormous red flags, that had CCCP Escape Rooms written on them, so the video shoot could begin.
The armored car started up on a large territory, which was also the first stop on our road. At first, we
rode on old asphalt roads, which we left behind with the armored car tracks. We were driving on a
private property, but since we had a permission to drive there, we luckily weren’t dealing with
vandalism. The asphalt wasn’t enough for us. Proudly, we stood on the hood of the armored car,
raising our confidence…until the road ended. For us, this meant creating a new road for ourselves. A
30-year old tree, that would have ruined any other car disappeared under our armored buddy as fast
as our confidence at the end of the road. As if the tree wasn’t enough, lots of deep holes started
appearing in front of us, giving us the impression of being on an actual battlefield. Luckily enough,
none of us fell off the car nor did we end up under it. We had arrived safe and sound.
The destination was the event of opening a new outside swimming pool and outdoor gym. Different
artists, journalists, the youth council and local people had gathered there. In the mains of the event,
we put out 10 free tickets to Pärnu prison. All in all, we can call this event successful and are grateful
for the youth. Sometimes it just happens, that great things come from doing good, that will linger in
your thoughts for a long time. You can see the clips we filmed right HERE.