When we first started with our two escape rooms in bombing shelter, we had a lot of explaining to do. Now that people are starting to understand what exactly escape rooms are, we have a new wave of questions to answer. What is Prison Escape? For the start, it is awesome! If in regular escape rooms you can pick whatever time you like, then in prison we do bigger public events. We pick the dates and times to get up to 24 person group.
For example, you wanna challenge the prison with 6 friends. When your group arrives, you will get your own “cosy” cell. In every cell, there are cigarettes to bribe the guard for clues in case the game is too hard. We suggest to get along with the guard overall because groups that break stuff or resist, will get punished by guards. How? They will be put into an isolation cell.
Isolation cell – cold, empty cell where you don’t have anything to do. But if you get along with the guard you can start escaping through the prison cells. What does that mean?
That means that in every cell there is something important to get away from prison. So, all the groups must eventually coop. All that results in prison rebellion. And through rebellion.. if everything goes well – you can see daylight once again.
Is your group bigger than 24 people? No problem! Until now the biggest group who has escaped from our prison is 84 persons together. 84?! And we did it.
Let’s say you want to throw a Private Event. Is your group too large for attractions? We divide your group into multiple smaller groups. Some groups take tours on prison territory with guides and others escape at the same time. Tours are prepared by former guards and there is no end to their stories. See you in Pärnu prison!