Every day we hear from people that, they want to come to escape room, but they have no idea, what is going on there, what does it look like or is it even possible to come out from there alive. To actually understand, what is an escape room, the easiest way to get an answer is to come and see by yourself. If, for some reason, you haven´t done that yet, then maybe the following information will give you more understanding, what are we doing there precisely.

Examination rooms are our probably the most completable place for those, who never-ever have been in an escape room before. Quests there, are enough understandable, but the look of the place, which is surrounding the escapers, is pretty scaring. The phenomenon of this escape room is that the escapers will receive a lot of hope, after what tons of hope will be taken from them. The clock will start ticking from the moment when one of the players is locked up inside an insanity shirt, tied up with chains and locks and the only light surrounding you, is darkness. When some time has passed, seconds will feel like hours, but eventually, the insanity shirt will probrably be opened ( the moment, when you feel hope). After that, your goal is to seek for the exit (the moment, when you lose hope). If the escapers will not manage to find the exit with their own strenght, the gamemaster will guide you trough with a walkie-talkie.

If you manage to go on with the escape, players will get to the next challange where only logic can help you get closer to the outside. At the same time, your freedom to use logic, is limited by sound- and special effects, blinking lights and surrounding noise. If that´s not hard enough, then even more confusing is the fact that noone of the escapers don´t know, can´t sense or can´t see, where the exit should be. Every time a lock, a door or some closed area is opened, a next challage is waiting forward you. Throught enormous laburynth, you will lose your sense of time and your adrenaline is at the highest level. Some special efects are so pure that even the defence forces of Estonia, who have trained themselves to manage pressure, have managed to scream because of the fright.

As the result of the experience described, usually, players will eventually find the exit. At that moment, escapers have gotten so deep into the escape role, that returning the reality frightens them. A little confiused look around the usual world will still seek for the locks, hints and exit, untill your mind understands, that your´re free. That usually brings a satisfying or even celebrating smile on their faces. As a summary, it´s fair to say that all the escapers are more than happy with the experience and revisiting us is almost unavoidable. Why? Because escape rooms truly are addicting places. Come and experience something unforgettable by yourself and book a time today (Booking)