Our legendary Moskvich is a real eye-catcher. Since the car is old and has a long history, it has a lot of
stories to tell. Anyone, who has visited Pärnu in the last year, has most likely seen our amazing car.
Since it has been parked in front of the theatre for a long time, it probably has stories to tell about
Not long ago there was a legendary race in Pärnu. It has taken place every year and we truly hope it
will in the future as well. This year, when the staff of the event was preparing things, they suddenly
realized that our green pearl hadn’t moved a bit, despite their multiple requests to do so. We tried to
make a friendly deal saying, that the car keys were at a workshop and we couldn’t possibly get them,
since it was the weekend. Also, we had paid for parking, but they had the city’s permit. Apparently,
they weren’t going to cancel the race because of our car, so they called the tow-truck and the car
was taken to a parking lot.
A busy weekend behind us, we went to the parking lot to get our green pearl. In order to get it back,
we had to sign different forms. To avoid further problems, the papers had listed all the things that
were found in the car. It turned out, that the Moskvich had been broken in to. Luckily, the steering
wheel and all the other fancy parts were in their place. The real surprise was the rest of the list. Who
is this sad person, who lost their backpack in our car? Was the weather hot and there wasn’t a
dresser in sight, that we found a woman’s coat in the backseat or did it end up in there on romantic
reasons? Also, how in the world does a child carrier end up in a Moskvich?
Schoolkids are sometimes rushing and lose things easily. How did the backpack end up in there? No
idea. It is okay to lose coats at a festival or something, but we don’t know, how it ended up in our
green pearl. But a child carrier?! How is it possible, to lose something like this? We hope you didn’t
lose your child! If you recognize any of the things found in the car, feel free to contact us. We would
like to know, how these interesting things ended up in our car.