Mission: Cuban crisis, Tallinn

At 1962, at the end of October, everybody in the world held their breath. This was the time of Cuban crisis. It was one of the most dangerous events of the war. In those days, the president of USA John F Kennedy and the leader of Soviet Union Nikita Hruštšov tried to accomplish a compromise so the humankind would be saved and the nuclear war would be avoided.

Few of us know the fact that at 4 different airfields there were 40 RAF Vulcan bombers waiting for an order for takeoff to take the nuclear winter into the heart of the CCCP. Even lesser people know that to avoid a nuclear rocket to fly directed to the USA, John F Kennedy sent his best spies to Cuba. Their goal was to defuse the local rockets. But something went wrong. As a stronger force, you, as the spies, were sent to take the control of the situation. The fate of history and avoiding nuclear war is now in your hands. Are you capable of saving the humankind?

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Players 2-4
Price for group 65
Difficulty medium
Suitable for children yes
Passability percentage 44%
Location Tallinn
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