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Gold Card

Kuldkaart on eksklusiivse erisoodustusega kliendikaart mis võimaldab kaardi omanikul koos kolme sõbraga kogeda nelja CCCP Põgenemistubade teenust – Ülekuulamisruum, KGB Kongid, Meditsiiniline eksperiment ja vanglast põgenemine. Isegi kui oled käinud mõnes meie toas, siis ei maksa pead norgu lasta, sest Kaart ei ole nimeline – Saad kaardi edasi anda.
Kui neljale inimesele oleks kogumaksumus kõigis tubades 290€, siis kuldkaardi abil hoiate tervelt 30% kokku.

Kuldkaardi soetamiseks helista +372 555 28 376 või kirjuta meile facebookis või emailile info@pogenemistoad.ee


Gift cards

Soovid kinkida elamust, mis jääb meelde? Kingi unustamatu kogemus meie põgenemistubades. Kui Te ei tea, kas kingisaaja on juba meie põgenemistubades käinud, siis olge mureta. Valides enda jaoks sobiliku kinkekaardi väärtuse, saab kinkekaardi omanik ise otsutada, millist meie pakutavatest tubadest ta külastab! Kinkekaardi saad soetada SIIT

Company events

Planning a company event? Prison of Pärnu isn’t popular in public eyes only. You can find names like Coca-Cola, Swedbank and more the biggest names of Estonia from our client’s list. So far, the biggest crowd, who have escaped together from prison, was with 84 people together. If needed, then the maximum capacity of prison is 120 people. If needed, we can also take a catering offer from our partner company. If your budget is limited, it’s possible to take your own food/ drinks/ snacks with you. The bigger group of people you have, it’s more likely possible to have discounts also.

Escape room


Pärnu prison hides some dark secrets between its walls. What history do those houses hide which were built as a mental house in the first place? Only a few people have had a chance to walk around in an actual prison which was closed at 2007, but now you also have a chance to do it. During the excursion, you will get to know more than 150 years of history, everyday life of the prisoners, thrilling moments and more. Ex-prisonguards of Pärnu prison have helped us create the materials for excursions and some of them guide the visitors with their unbelievable insights. Also, ex-prisoners of Pärnu prison have shared some insights. Just contact us to book the time.

Brain-break & conference

You are arranging lectures, schoolings, conferences? You’ve noticed, that at some point, half of the audience are asleep and another half is counting ceiling panels? Burst some adrenalin and energy through Brain-Break.

What is a Brain-Break? In a long story short, we can call it an escape room in a box. The audience will be sorted into teams and every team will receive a black box which is locked – everything you need to open the box is inside it. The clock will start ticking now. Who is the fastest team?

Contact us for more information


We’ve designed an escape room which is transportable and we can build it up where ever wanted, within few hours. The only thing we need from a client is an empty room where we could build the game. Customer service for the escape room will be available for as long as the client wishes. If you would like to make your event more interesting, then let us know and we will help you out!


CCCP Escape rooms provide the best environment to celebrate a birthday. While celebrating, it’s possible to take your own food/ drinks/ snacks with you. In needed, we can take a catering offer from our partner. There is a room for food and drinks in both escape room locations. While some of the company are playing the game, others can eat, drink and watch the game through cameras. If there are a lot of people for celebration, it’s also possible to get discounts.

Bachelor/pride nights

To make the event unforgettable, we can kidnap the Bachelor or pride. We will come where needed when needed so we could dress up the person in an insanity shirt or tie their eyes to take them to prison or escape rooms. You can also take your own food/ drinks/ snack with you. If needed, we can take a catering offer from our partner. If there are a lot of people, we can also make discounts.


You are arranging a bachelors party, a girls night, birthday or you just want to make your friend’s knees shake by giving him or her an unforgettable experience? Order kidnapping service!

We will come wherever, whenever you want us to come and kidnap your friend. Depends on how tolerant your friend is, we can offer different reality steps for kidnapping. It can be a polite tap on the shoulder up to masks and automatic firearms. Most popular kidnappings are for people who are coming to escape from the prison or bombing shelter. We will leave your friend there, alone, to wait for you. For a friend who is waiting for you in a lonely chamber, you can also order some entertainment, massage for an example. Just let us know about your wishes and ideas and we will make a perfect crime out of it together.