Terms and privacy policy

Terms and conditions

1.1. Pogenemistoad.ee website’s (from now on: “Website”) terms and conditions (from now on: “Terms and conditions”) apply CCCP Põgenemistoad OÜ, register code 12989134, e-mail: artur.kreitsberg@gmail.com (from now on: “Provider”) to all the website users (from now on: “User”).

1.2. It’s allowed to use the website to everyone who accept terms and conditions.

1.3. Using the website means:  visiting the website and using the materials on the website for whatever goal on however way.

1.4. User, who makes a order/booking on the website, identfies himself/herself by adding he’s/her’s personal information to the booking system and pays for the order/booking, will automatically make a sales contract with the provider at that moment.

2. Services and materials

2.1. Provider will offer trought the website access to escape room’s introduction and to the booking system.

2.2. Informaton and materials wich are in the website, cannot be published without the premission of the service provider.

2.3. Service provider cand make the changes with materials, structure, content and more, whenever and however provider wants.

2.4. Service provider updates and controls carefully the honesty and trueness regulary but woun’t guarantee the honesty and trueness and is not responsible for it or the loss coming out of it.

3. Booking and the price of service 

3.1. For booking, user is obligated to fill the blanks on bookingsystem (first- and last name, phone number, e-mail) User can pay trought webpank links or on sight where service provider is located.

3.2. User is obligated to give the real information wich are need to make te order/booking. Service provider will not be responsible for issues wich can come because of false information.

3.3. Alle the prices on website are in euros and include VAT.

3.4. Provider is allowed to change the prices whenever provider wants/needs. When the prices are changed after user has already done a order/booking and payed for it, then provider is obligated to let the user know about it and make it possible to get the price wich is available at that moment.

3.5. After the money transfer, provider is obligated to let user know about the succesful transfer trought the e-mail user gave to provider trought the booking system.

4. Intellectual belonging

4.1. All the copyrights in the website bleong to provider.

4.2. Photos, graphiks, texts, sounds, animations, videos, website’s design and other intellectual belongings are defended by the Estonia Respublic’s laws and international conventions. Protected is website’s structure and it’s content.

5. Private information and privacy

5.1.If user is using provider’s services, he/she gives he’s/her’s approval to process and keep the information. Provider can process and keep the data by following Estonia Republic’s laws.

5.2. Data will only be kept when user gives he’s/her’s premission to do so. Data will be used only for the services wich are shown in the website.

5.3. Provider will not give or show data to third persons unless it’s a obligation coming from the law.

6. User’s rights and obligations

6.1. User has the right to use the website whitn unity of terms and conditions.

6.2. User cannot use the materials or services on the website for the cause of fraud or for the cause of any law breaking action.

6.3. User has the obligation to follow the website’s rules and act with a good cause.

6.4. User is not allowed to use scripts, robots or other programs wich are not for usual internet using.

6.5. User is forbidden to spread spam letters, chain letters, viruses and other technoligy, wich can harm service provider or website.

7. Service provider’s rights and obligations

7.1. Service provider has the right to change te terms and conditions. Changes will apply at the moment when they are published in the website.

8. Retreating

8.1. Money, paid for the service, will be payed back only if user has not started using services. Retreating from booking less than 48h before the booking means no money will be payed back.

8.2. When user wishes to retreat from the order/booking, he/she has to contact as soon as possible via e-mail : artur.kreitsberg@gmail.com .

8.3. When retreating from the booking by right terms, money will be transferd back to the user as soon as possible but not later than 30 days after the retreatment. Money will be transferred to the same account it was ordering/ booking in the first place.

9. Resposibility 

9.1. Service provider is not responsible for delays, failures or interruptions wich are caused beacouse of the reasons wich are out providers control, things like force majeure, electric failures, failures beacuse of the internet service providers and more.

9.2. Provider is not responsible for possible harms or uncollected profit wich could come from using or not using website. For any responsibility that comes, provider is resposible for only within the amount of sales price.

10. Applicable right and differences  

10.1. User and priver will cooperate based on terms and conditions, prviders prices and by the laws of Estonia Republic’s obtaining laws.

10.2. If some points of the terms and conditions will be against the law of Estonia Republic, it will not change the other points in contract invalid.

10.3. All the different oppinions will be solved by negotiations between user and provider. All the unnegotiable issues will be solved in the Estonian court.