Examination room

Shady examination rooms and 60 minutes to escape

Travel back in time. It’s 1940. You’re on a vacation in Estonia.  Lilac is in full bloom with its heavenly fragrance. A breathtaking sight, a beautiful spring.

From there, everything happens very quickly. Estonian government loses control over the country. Military bases of the Soviet Union turn into direct military intervention.

By coincidence, you’re passing by KGB’s hideout. Soviet soldiers come to check your documents and discover that you’re not one of their allies. You’re taken into one of their examination rooms.

To demonstrate their power, the soldiers strap one of you into a straight-jacket. It’s getting serious.

Soldiers leave to consult with their commanders about how to deal with you. You have 60 minutes before they come back and deport you to Siberia.

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2-5 players per game

60 min game duration

42-70 € price per game

78 % success rate

2-5 60 min 42-70 €

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60 minutes