Birthday in Escape Rooms

Want to celebrate your next birthday differently?

No matter what age you are, we guarantee you will enjoy your time in our escape rooms.

How about serving brain gymnastics and awakening of all seven senses for an appetizer?

Having hot emotions in a spicy sauce as a main course and an awesome happy feeling of release and a great laugh as a dessert?

You can have that if you decide to throw your party in an Escape Room.

In addition to the game, you can use our special rooms with  chairs and tables in the prison or in City centre.

If you have a lot of guests, you can organize it so that while some people are playing, the others are enjoying food and drinks with a possibility to observe players on the screens.

You can come with your snacks and drinks or ask for catering service suggestions.

The best part:  escaping is fun for grown-ups and children alike and no-one has to stay home!

Our escape rooms are designed for players of all kinds: curious, friendly, brave, creative, and anyone with an open mind.

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