Prison Escape

Unique adventure in an authentic environment

Pärnu prison was closed in 2007 and now serves as a home for the biggest Escape Room complex in the Baltic and Nordic countries.

There are thousands of stories hidden behind these walls. Just waiting to get out!

There is this legend….

… that in 1994 the prisoners from eight chambers escaped. It was the biggest prison break in the country of all times, but the details are still a great mystery. In any case, this impressive escape could happen due to boundless finesse, creativity and unbelievably effective cooperation. After the incident, it was prohibited to move between sections and have contact with other chambers.

There is this legend….

… that it was a high-security prison – a home for the most dangerous criminals with a significant history of violence or misconduct. Recidivists, psychopaths, murderers, often serving whole-life sentences. You can get an idea of their brutal mind just looking at the chamber walls that they’ve designed. Insanely often, such twisted minds in such an environment turn out to be most creative and clever creatures.

What do you get in addition to these exciting scenarios?

  • Pyrotechnics
  • Sound and special effects
  • And of course – authentic guards (hint! – hungry for inner, uncensored information and bribe)

Are you clever enough to escape? Come find out!

You don’t have to be a psychopath or a criminal to do that.

Special conditions for school groups, special events like a corporate events, birthdays and Bachelor/Bachelorette parties etc. Contact us via email: or +372 5341 6171

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1-24 players per game

2-2.5 h duration of one game

25 € price per player

1-24 2-2.5 h 25 €

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